Before You Abandon

Let Us Send You a Bid is the largest buyer of non-exempt negative equity bankruptcy estate property in the Country.  We buy "problem" real estate that is normally abandoned by most Trustees.   By selling the Estate's "right, title and interest" to the property "subject to all liens",  Trustees across the Country are now finding value with meaningful distribution in a process that takes less than 30 days start to finish.   

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1.   Fast Cash Closings in 21 Days

2.   Bids Range Up to $10,000 or more

3.   No Closing Costs to Estate

4.   No Realtors

5.   No Short Sale Negotiations © Copyright 2016

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Or Call 24hrs:  1.800.805.5197

  6.   No Property Clean Up Costs

  7.   No Waiting to Find Buyer

  8.   No Waiting for Lender Approvals

  9.   No Holding Cases Open Forever

10.   More Asset Cases with

        Meaningful Distribution

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